The Kirkulatorulator

Since 1982, more than 6,000 contestants have appeared on Countdown. The winner-stays-on structure of the competition, combined with the series finals stages and the many Championship of Champions tournaments, means that almost every person who has ever appeared on Countdown is connected to every other, possibly via many degrees of separation.

Sadly, Kevin Bacon has never appeared on Countdown, so we'll use Series 60 champion Kirk Bevins as the centre point instead.

Two players are linked if they have played each other in a televised episode. All episodes up to and including 20th December 2019 (the end of series 81) are included.

Examples: Kirk Bevins (smallest Bevins number), Julian Fell, Conor Travers, Mark Deeks, Jen Steadman, Elizabeth Anderson/Crispin Salfarlie/Janet Rauch (joint largest Bevins number)

Contestant name: