Scoresheet Printer

The Scoresheet Printer generates blank co-event scoresheets for printing on A4 paper.

  1. Enter the name of your event, which will appear at the top of the scoresheet.
  2. Choose one of the recommended presets.
  3. Print as many copies of the page as you need.


For example, "Countdown in Mordor 2024".


Recommended presets
Round order for the games.
The number of scoresheets you want on each A4 sheet. They will all be drawn on one page if possible, otherwise multiple pages will be used.
Control the heights of the table rows.
Number of millimetres of extra vertical space after each scoresheet on a page.
Display the "This game's host" field. Only applicable for Lincoln-style events.
Show the text in the box below after the table.
Maximum three lines recommended.
The preview is generated automatically, but click the button if you want.
Preview: when you print this page, only the contents of this box will be printed.