"So, Nick, what have we learned today?"


"That's right. If you position yourself as the only party standing up for students and young people, going as far as signing a pledge saying you'll vote against any increase in tuition fees in the next parliament, get them all to vote for you, then less than a year into the next parliament vote in favour of trebling tuition fees, they're not going to be very happy with you, are they?"


"How many of those people do you think are going to vote for you again?"


"I know you're a beginner at this "having power" thing, but you really ought to have known that was a schoolboy error."

"But the other two bigger boys treat young people like dirt all the time, and nobody cares! How come I can't?"

"Because they are a large part of your voter base. Well, were."


"Now run along. Mr Cameron's tea isn't going to make itself."